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The Cathedral is open for visits all year round during the visiting hours. Visiting hours may change due to church events. Please check the bottom of this page for the exact timetable of the coming week.

Visiting hours 1 September - 31 May

In the wintertime admission fee (5 €) at Helsinki Cathedral is voluntary. Church visitors can pay the admission independently at the self-service checkout. Visiting hours: Mon-Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Sun 11 am - 6 pm. The crypt is closed in the wintertime.

Visiting hours 1 June - 31 August

In the summertime Helsinki Cathedral has an admission fee (8 €). Under 18 years old free admission. Ticket sales at the visitor centre, located in the bell tower (side pavilion). Visiting hours: Mon-Thu 9 am - 5 pm, Fri 9 am - 2 pm. Free admission: Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm.

Free entry to the Crypt. Visiting hours: Mon-Sat 10-17, Sun 11-17. ‍

Group visits

Groups can visit with a voucher. Upon arrival at the Cathedral, please visit our Visitor Center to sign the voucher and pick up wristbands for your group. For more information, please contact the church staff:


By tram: The easiest way to reach Helsinki Cathedral is by taking the tram. Trams 2,4, 5 and 7 stop at the Senate Square next to the Helsinki Cathedral.

By metro: the nearest metro station to the Helsinki Cathedral is University of Helsinki's station. The walking distance from the station to the Cathedral is only 500 metres.

By train: All trains stop at the main railway station. The walking distance form the main railway stations to the Helsinki Cathedral is about 800 metres.

By bus: Helsinki's internal bus routes stop at the Kaisaniemen puisto stop, which is 500 metres from the Cathedral. The walking distance from the busses stopping at Hakaniemi to the Cathedral is 1,1 kilometres.

By city bike: The nearest city bike stations are located nex to the University of Helsinki's building Porthania, which is 200 metres away form the Cathedral and at the Senate Square.

Helsinki Cathedral
Unioninkatu 29, 00170 Helsinki

Crypt (open in summertime)
Kirkkokatu 18, 00170 Helsinki